Anyone out there want to add their names to our list of theater critics? If you want to remain anonymous, you can be a member of Brevard Culture’s “Spelvin Society of Critics.”

FYI, George Spelvin is an honored theater tradition imbued with anonymity. George’s sister goes by the name Georgette (and sometimes Georgina for the more delicate). Read this from TDF Theatre Dictionary:

“Time was, actors didn’t like the audience to know they were ‘doubling,’ i.e., playing more than one role in a single production. They would change their voices, costumes, and makeup, and the audience would (ostensibly) be fooled. But if patrons saw the same name listed twice in the credits, the surprise would be ruined. Hence the moniker ‘George Spelvin’ was born.”

Two years ago Playbill launched its Spelvin Society which encouraged honest discourse among Broadway’s theater folk. To read a story about that, click here.

I think it’s time for BREVARD CULTURE to do the same. Georgette Spelvin does review for from time to time. But we’d like to widen the ranks. If you’re interested in reviewing shows for Brevard Culture — either under your real name or a Spelvin moniker — shoot me an email at (I promise to maintain your anonymity.)