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You don’t have to miss the 90th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City — whether you have cable or you’re not at home to watch it on the TV.

You can tune into EarthCam at about 9 a.m. and see all the marching bands, performing troupes, floats, balloons and crowds via web cams at Columbus Circle and Central Park. Here’s a pic from last year’s live stream:

“Courtesy of EarthCam”

“Courtesy of EarthCam”

Here’s how to watch this year’s event via EarthCam:

On your computer, go to www.earthcam.com/thanksgiving.

On your smart phone, download the app by clicking here.

Broadcast the Parade on your TV with EarthCam’s apps for Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.

You can also check out the other goodies that EarthCam serves up. The Webby Award winning company has views to popular locations around the world, including Las Vegas Strip, Bourbon Street, the Eiffel Tower, Palm Dubai and Abbey Road Crossing. It’s website is EarthCam.com.