Steven Heron and Doug Lebo stand in front of the Henegar Center. Photo by Niko Stamos

Here’s the copy of a press release from Titusville Playhouse and the Henegar Center

The Titusville Playhouse and Henegar Center in Melbourne today announced they will
discontinue the sharing of management, artistic, production, and administrative resources
between the two performing arts venues. This will allow each organization to adapt as it needs
to the operational and business impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In February 2019, the Titusville Playhouse Inc. (TPI) and the Henegar Center for the Arts
entered into an agreement under which TPI assumed management and operation of theater
productions and related business operations at the Henegar.

The theater management and staff of Titusville Playhouse, led by Executive Artistic
Director Steven J. Heron, assisted Henegar in completion of its 2018-2019 artistic season, and
then assumed full responsibility for the current 2019-2020 season.

This current season was abruptly interrupted in March due to mandated closures of
both the Titusville Playhouse and Henegar Center, resulting in significant box office losses for
both theaters as shows in progress were cancelled and remaining shows were indefinitely
postponed. Neither venue is expected to reopen before June.

As is the case for virtually all performing arts organizations throughout Florida, each
theater is now dealing with their unique circumstances, each needing the flexibility to plan,
schedule, finance, and adapt their future operations in response to new protocols and business
models. Therefore, both organizations have agreed they now require the flexibility to chart
their own course. They will end their joint agreement on May 31.

The 15-month alliance enabled Henegar to realize its best year ever, with an income
approaching $1 million before the rapid spread of COVID-19 and mandated closures caught
everyone by surprise. Yet the success to that point allowed Henegar to greatly improve its
financial position, initiate some major improvements, and enhance its stature as a performing
arts venue. Titusville Playhouse likewise experienced a strong season up to the point of the
COVID-19 impacts, exceeding $1 million in income. “I’m very proud of what we were able to
accomplish at both theater venues this year,” said Heron.

Both organizations are now focused on their respective planning for transitioning to
when theaters may safely and comfortably reopen to their patrons. With separate operations,
each organization will control its own staff sizing, program scheduling, and any facility
modifications that may be required.