Get! Out!

GET OUT! August 30 to September 1


You’re kidding, right? The only art going on this weekend is the art of boarding up. So take your cue from the title of this column and GET OUT!

Now on to more fun things. While you’re hunkered down at Aunt Sally’s and need something to do, whip out your laptop (or go old school, pen and paper) and come up with some fun ideas for RADIOACTIVE HURRICANES... Here are a few plot points:

A president with the best brains decides to nuke a hurricane off the coast of Africa. All does not go as planned. The now radioactive hurricane hits Florida, creating zombies…BLUE zombies who are relentless in their liberal politics. Go onto Brevard Culture’s Facebook page and submit your scenarios.

What happens now? We need Michael Thompson to return from California and mount this crazy production at a local bar.

Okay, seriously…MCT expects to run “Putting It Together” Friday night. Titusville Playhouse has moved its 2 p.m. Sunday show of “Matilda” to 2 p.m. Saturday. Museums are closed. But if it were I heading to those shows, I’d call first, or at least check their Facebook page.

We’ll be back next week. Take care!