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An ARLAN ROPP Lovefest


Who doesn’t love Arlan Ropp? And if you raise you’re hand, you need to go to your room and think about that, mister.

Mr. Ropp, a real fixture for decades in the Brevard community theater scene, was honored yesterday at Surfside Playhouse. Leaders at the Playhouse decided the time had come to turn its annual Surfside Playwriting Contest into the ARLAN ROPP PLAYWRIGHT’S AWARD…and, the annual event will come with a $500 award.

The gathering was filled with well known fixtures in the area theater scene, including Terrence and Peg Girard, Joan Taddie, Scott Sutherland, Bryan Bergeron, Chris Tsocanos, Bill Moseley, Walter Schwartz, Mario Busacca, John Dwyer and…(oh my God I’m going to get in so much trouble because I started mentioning a bunch of people who were in a crowded room but I’m already retired for crying out loud so please don’t stay angry at me)…and John Torres gave a speech.

Back to the focus of the subject — ARLAN ROPP.

The award is most fitting as it’s been Mr. Ropp who has championed this original full length play project since it began at the turn-of-the-century…we’re talking the most recent turn-of-the-century.

And who could say “no” to any suggestion made by this esteemed gentleman? He’s appeared on every stage in Brevard, taught drama, directed, helped found the Playwrights Workshop (for original one-act plays), patronized and all around supported every theatrical venture I can think of. He’s also in a barbershop quartet, did you know that?

So here’s to Arlan Ropp and the smart and sincere people at Surfside who have named this annual summer event after the one who has made so much possible.

Check back with Brevard Culture to find out the information on Surfside’s next round of the Arlan Ropp Playwright’s Award competition.