AUDITIONS April 2018


There’s an intriguing new company forming and they’re looking for actors. It’s called BOOTS ON THE GROUND THEATER and they plan to launch June 14 with a production of “Darkside” by Ken Jones. The venue? Why no place other than Derek Gores Gallery, which is becoming a cultural incubator of sorts.

Here is what they say about the project:

“We are bringing together a group of 8 artists who will serve many roles throughout the rehearsal process. Actors working as designers, directors, dramaturgs, technicians, stage managers, etc. We hope to construct an ensemble-driven process that allows the creative minds of all team members to be utilized equally—minimizing ego and maximizing efficiency. The Team will not only be in charge of creating the piece, but also of developing the system of how it will be created. Along with this production we are looking to be creating and performing across the Eau Gallie Arts District for the entirety of our stay. We aim to serve and support the projects, movements, and artists of EGAD through collaborations that will be culturally exciting for us all. We have a unique chance with this production to connect with both the space community and the local art community—combining together the two communities’ strengths in an effort to reinvigorate and revitalize both.”

The play, “Darkside,” concerns two American astronauts stranded on the moon. The group has an established ensemble, but still needs to fill two roles: a male 24 to 45 as the flight commander and a woman, 21 to 35, as his wife.

To arrange an audition, contact Mikayla Goetz. She will be in the area through April 28 and is scheduling auditions and interviews now. Send a headshot and resume to

The above photo is from Riverside Theatre’s production of A CHORUS LINE.