AMERICAN BUFFALO Directors Discount Tickets


You’ve got the chance to get some good discounts for tickets to the opening weekend of AMERICAN BUFFALO at the new Theater on the Edge company in Orlando.

While AMERICAN BUFFALO opens Nov. 3 in Orlando, two of its three actors come from Brevard — Allan Whitehead and Zack Roundy. You’ve seen Zack in theater here before. He was in Surfside’s “Biloxi Blues” and two shows at the Henegar — “Seminar” and “Venus in Fur.” And while Allan was in the critically acclaimed “The Crucible” in Orlando last season, most people around here know him as an attorney.

American Buffalo, from left: Marco DiGeorge, Zack Roundy and Allan Whitehead

American Buffalo, from left: Marco DiGeorge, Zack Roundy and Allan Whitehead

The third actor is Marco DiGeorge, the theater artist who teaches the Meisner Method at Truthful Acting Studios in Orlando, where Zack and Allan study and where the intimate new theater is housed.

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As the director, I’ve been given a limited number of Director’s Discount tickets to the opening weekend only. That means $5 off admission to shows running Thursday, Nov. 3 through Sunday, Nov. 6.

To purchase the Director’s Discount tickets, click here and enter the discount code CHICAGO.

AMERICAN BUFFALO runs Nov. 3 to Nov. 20 at Theater on the Edge, Truthful Acting Studios, 5542 Hansel Ave, Orlando, FL. Tickets are $22 to $24. Call 407-309-0106, email, visit or click onto their ad.

It has been a thrill to direct these three in David Mamet’s highly regarded “American Buffalo.” I do hope you come experience this.