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"Blair Witch" poster

“Blair Witch” poster

Those of us playing in Orlando’s backyard should feel some kinship with the new movie “Blair Witch.” After all, it came from an ingenious idea by a group of students studying film at UCF. I had a blast interview the filmmakers. One of the most fun facts they told me was that in an effort to save money, they picked up a camera at Best Buy, filmed their movie, then put the camera back in the box and returned it to Best Buy. I don’t know of that’s true, but it’s a great little story.

Here’s a link to a New York Times story about how Lionsgate has been fooling people, making them think a movie called “The Woods” was coming out when really, it’s another in the “Blair Witch Project” franchise. Read on by clicking here.

Now, here’s the trailer:

Artsy Happenings

Spencer Tunick is the photographer who takes masses of people, bids them to undress, then fashions them into unusual assemblages outdoors. He has worked in a range of places, from atop glaciers to New York City intersections.

Here’s a link to a 2012 video about his work at the Munich Opera Festival. As reported by the Bayerische Staatsoper, it was inspired by Richard Wagner’s “The Ring of the Nibelung.” Participants met at 3 a.m., got their bodies painted then headed to the Ludwigstraße at 5:15 a.m. Those painted red represent the underworld of Nibelheim, evoking the breath of the dragon from “Siegfried.”

Spencer Tunick's RING – Munich Opera Festival 2012 from Bureau Mirko Borsche on Vimeo.

Amazing Beautiful

In case you missed it…or just need something to lift your heart…here’s a beautiful video done using a drone flown into the midst of fireworks. (Don’t try this at home, apparently…) Also, you better watch it before Andrea Bocelli has YouTube take it down.