Not Quite Right Players’ Longform Team, Colleen Merchant Photography


The Not Quite Right Players are doin’ it “Longform” style tonight.

Yep…instead of rapid fire sketches spawned by audience suggestion, the area’s longest running improvisation troupe will create…on the spot…one entire, hour-long play.

Does this sound like a total hoot or what? I’m so thrilled that Brevard has a thriving improv troupe, and a good one at that. It brings such fun and energy to our area. The people in it are clever and kind which makes you feel really good about their success. And, happy to say, these events have quite the following, which means performances are frequently sold out. Making it even better, the environment — the Derek Gores Gallery — is sophisticated and clean.

This is a debut performance of the six-person squad, headed up by director Jessica Taylor and selected from her larger improv troupe. The players pictured above are: standing, from left, Holly McFarland, Jessica Taylor, Glenn “Kraz” Krasny and Pete Jacobsen; and kneeling, from left: Aaron Karnes and Jon Emmerich.

The show begins 8 p.m. tonight at Derek Gores Gallery in the Eau Gallie Arts District. Tickets start at $10. Derek Gores Gallery is at 587 W. Eau Gallie Blvd., Melbourne. To get tickets, vist the tickets page at