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GABBY LINKS: Fun videos


For the moments between the shopping and cooking and wrapping and drinking…

Here’s a super fun video of Bolero performed on one cello:

Is there anyone better than these two women? Watch Tonya Pinkins and Dianne Wiest in one of The New York Times wonderful, fantabulous “In Performance” videos. You may be inspired to head to the NYT webiste and linger with some of the other In Performance videos as well — you’ll find one with David McElwee, BTW.

And here, Stephen Colbert explains “Star Wars” to China. So in case you head to the movies on Christmas Day and can’t remember your Chewie from your C3PO, here you go:

And since we started with music, we’ll end with it. Jimmy Fallon and The (amazing) Roots and guests “sing” the Star Wars theme music (alas, no Bill Murray, but it’s so cool we’ll overlook that).