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nFOCUS: Steven Heron and ‘Parade’


I am starting a new video series for BrevardCulture.com. It’s called “nFOCUS.” The series will include discussions with area artists about their work.

First up is Steven Heron, who discusses his direction of the Titusville Playhouse production of “Parade.”

When I wrote for the paper, I yearned to do a series like this. But there was never the time nor the space. And now, happily, there is.

So be looking for more of these. I’ll be interviewing actors about their roles, directors about their productions, visual artists about their paintings or sculpture, dancers about their ballet, curators about their exhibitions…and, hopefully, more.

If you have suggestions, please shoot them to me at BrevardCulture@gmail.com.

I hope you enjoy this first one. For my review of “Parade,” check out the theater section of BrevardCulture, or click here.