miR Voices, tonight and tomorrow


miR Theater always has something intriguing planned.

This time, it’s “miR Voices,” a collection of true stories of area residents told in multi-media format. Stories are read on stage where artwork inspired by the stories will be on view.

miR was co-founded by my reviewing colleague Liz Lark-Riley and her husband, Joseph Lark-Riley. It stands for “made in Rockledge.” The duo (who just had a baby!) do some very artful work here, much of it heady with invention and storytelling. The last miR production I saw put me into an audience of about 20 people all gathered in chairs against one wall, smack dab in the center of a living room of sorts. As I’ve stated before, it was very artsy which is great fun and oh-so rare in this community.

I wish them much success.

This fanciful and artful sounding event, “miR Voices,” begins 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, March 6, at miR Theater’s new home, 214 Barton Blvd., Rockledge. Tickets are $7 in advance and $10 at the door. To pick up advance tickets, visit miR’s website, Or, call 321.890.5110.