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Launch with Chris Kridler

Photo of Atlas V launch by Chris Kridler,


I confess. I’m the president of the Chris Kridler Fan Club. And why not, the woman can do anything,

She’s a terrific writer, throws clay, cooks the best pizzelles you’ve ever tasted, is smart, funny…and she’s a wicked good photographer and videographer.

Which is why, after we spent two hours laughing ourselves silly at “The Kingsman,” we lingered around The Avenue for 45 minutes so Chris could get an interesting foreground for a photo of the Atlas V night launch.

It was a gorgeous evening and the fountain beckoned. Chris set up her camera and got a great photo. I took a cheesy little video of her doing her thing. You can see it by clicking here.

See more of her beautiful work at ChrisKridler.com.

Follow her on Twitter @ChrisKridler.