VIDEO: ‘A MESSAGE TO MY DAUGHTER’ photography exhibit

“Valeigha,” Detail of photo by Erika Masterson


Melbourne photographer Erika Masterson has created a simply gorgeous exhibition. It’s called “A Message for My Daughter” and it’s going to make every parent out there want something like this for their child.

'Madison,' Photo by Erika Masterson

‘Madison,’ Photo by Erika Masterson

Dozens of beautifully created photographs hang on the walls in Ms. Masterson’s intimate gallery space in her studio located off the beaten path in the Eau Gallie Arts District. The photographs exude strength, confidence, tenderness and that sweet spot in a pre-adolescent’s life when they go from little girl to young lady.

'Sara,' Photo by Erika Masterson

‘Sara,’ Photo by Erika Masterson

There’s a sense of grace and dignity in the photos. The photographer was inspired by her desire to help young girls feel good about themselves. She took mothers’ descriptions of their daughters, fashioned floral wreaths then turned the young ladies loose in her collection of vintage clothing.

What came out is stunning. I hope you take the time to stop by and view it. But if you can’t make it, then definitely be on the lookout in January for Victoria magazine, which will be doing an article on Ms. Masterson’s project.

Erika Masterson Studio is at 1610 Pineapple Ave., Melbourne. Call 321.626.1697 or visit

Here is a video of the show’s opening (that’s a photo of “Jessica,” by the way).