Shadow cast and Rocky

Wow…this thing really has legs. It’s the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” and shadow cast at Surfside Playhouse.

Their 10th annual presentation is onstage through Oct. 29. Time to rip those net stockings and get your Time Warp on.

But don’t bring your own props. You can buy a bag o’ props at Surfside for only $3. Don’t grouse, it helps support your local community theater.

Admission is $10. Showtimes are 11:59 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays through Oct. 29. Surfside is at 5th Street and Brevard Avenue in Cocoa Beach. Call 321-783-3127 or visit

And BTW, this is mature audiences only. Yeah…talk about mature. I went to school with Barry Bostwick, the guy who played Brad in the movie. We were both in the theater dept. at California Western University in San Diego — it’s now a Church of the Nazarene locale. Everyone had a huge crush on him. So, once again, yeah, this thing has legs.