CARRIE SIEH gallery talk at RUTH FUNK

“Creators and Luxuriated Bodies” by Carrie Sieh


Artist Carrie Sieh will deliver the second gallery talk associated with the exhibition “REIMAGINED: Innovations in Fiber.” The talk is part of the Ruth Funk Center for Textile Art’s Friends of Textiles Lecture Series. It begins 6 p.m. April 12 (a reception begins at 5:15).

It seems that anything presented by the Friends of Textiles draws tremendous crowds of smart, eager-to-learn patrons. I highly recommend these events for anyone out there who wants to rub shoulders with a sophisticated community which always greets newcomers with open, welcoming arms.

Ms. Sieh has some extraordinary pieces in the “Reimagined” series, filled with intelligent thought and creative narrative.

Here’s what she’s written as her “personal information” on her Facebook page:

Carrie Sieh, photo by Dominic Agostini

Carrie Sieh, photo by Dominic Agostini

“My primary creative interests revolve around ideas about gender and sexuality, technology, and human relationships with the physical world. Using culturally symbolic materials such as audio and videotape, yarn, and computer discs, my work is an exploration of the ways people relate to each other, to objects, and to the environments in which we live.”

So…yes…to state the obvious, her gallery talk should be intellectually stimulating indeed.

The event begins 5:15 April 12 with a reception. Ms. Sieh will begin her talk at 6 p.m. It takes place in the galleries at the Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts, which is on the campus of Florida Tech, 150 W. University Blvd., Melbourne. Admission is $10 general and free for Friends of Textiles members and FIT faculty, staff, and full-time students. Call 321-674-8313 or click here.