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Mixing it up in Titusville: The ‘Creative Blender’

John Michael Foster invites artists to the Creative Blender:Networking for Artists event Friday evening at The Downtown Gallery.


One of the most “git-er-done” people I know in the area arts scene is Michael John Foster. He’s the man behind the delightful and beautifully sung “Into the Woods” — the alfresco production held last season in Titusville’s Enchanted Forest.

The big boy on the north county arts block is the Titusville Playhouse. But Mr. Foster has visions of adding to that. So, he has created the “Creative Blender,” a think tank of cultural networkers dedicated to bringing more arts and culture to Titusville.

Think back 25 years to the beginning of the Cocoa Village Playhouse under the leadership of Staci Hawkins-Smith. The area had potential. Certainly there was a charm to the area, but only during daylight hours and within a few tight blocks. With the growth of the playhouse came the growth of Cocoa Village. More visitors taking back the area, pushing back undesirables. More galleries opened. Along with that came art walks and more artists studios…charming restaurants and gift shops.

Of course, some business leaders may say that it was the business climate that created this. But I see things through a cultural lens. The fact is, the arts saved that area and made it was it is today.

That’s what Mr. Foster wants to see happen to Titusville. Certainly, that area is filled with charm and sweet appeal. But it needs participants. Titusville Playhouse can’t do it all by themselves.

So, enter the “Creative Blender.” After a few months of regular meetings, this organization is holding a public meeting 6 p.m. Friday, July 3, at The Downtown Gallery, 335 S. Washington Ave., Titusville. Artists 18 years and older are encouraged to attend. That means professional and non-professional painters, dancers, authors, sculptors, etc. If you’re at least 21 years old, feel free to bring a bottle of wine to share with other (legal age) attendees. If you’re not yet of drinking age, then feel free to bring your favorite bottle of sodee-pop!

You should RSVP through the organization’s Facebook page by clicking here.