BrevardCulture in American Theatre magazine podcast

David Ryan Smith and Conrad Schott with cast of “The Glory of the World.” Photo by Bill Brymer.


So by now you must all know how crazy I am for the annual Humana Festival of New American Plays. It’s always such an exciting experience for any theater nerd.

I got to relive the recent Humana Fest all over again yesterday when I participated in American Theatre podcast “Offscript: The Humana Happening” with two other theater critics, Elizabeth Kramer of the Louisville Courier-Journal and Lou Harry of the Indianapolis Business Journal. Mr. Harry is also the new committee chair for the ATCA/Steinberg New Play Award.

American Theatre associate editor Diep Tran conducted the podcast interview. She had previously written a story about the Humana experience, which I do hope you read because it gives such a sweet feel of what the Humana is like. (To read her story, click here.)

Of course I always enjoy an opportunity to spout opinion with colleagues…AND to talk about one of my favorite subjects, the Humana Fest.

To hear the podcast, click here, or go to and hover over “Watch and Listen” until the drop down menu leads to you “Offscript.” And…by the way…I said “suck it up.”